Yes, if you know where to look you can still see the remnants of the crater from Cedar Trails.

I We have had many requests for information on the Meteor Crater of which Cedar Trails sits on the rim and is visible from the hiking trails.

The following information is from the Adams County Travel and Visitors Bureau along with the publication "Country Living" February 2008

A meteor hit Adams County and left a six-mile-wide crater

300 million years ago.

Mark T. Baranoske is a Geologist with the Ohio Division of Geologic Survey in Columbus.  He was the lead scientist on a project designed to determine the origin of an anomaly in the rocks covering a rough circle six miles across in Highland and Pike Counties, but mostly in Adams County. The first to discover the huge feature was as early as the 1830's and was called a "sunken mountain". 

Geologic Survey scientists spent years researching the subsurface geology of what has commonly been called the Serpent Mound cryptoexplosion, or the crypto volcano site.  The Native American effigy site has nothing directly to do with the geologic event of astral origin with the new scientific findings.

You can visit and still see the remnants of this earth shattering event.  There are several places where parts of the crater are still visible and apparent to the eye, once you know what to look for.  You will enter the crater along ST 73 between Locust Grove and Louden (Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat) you will enter the crater (traveling west on SR 73) once you pass Seaman Road and exit the crater as you approach Louden Road - an area which includes Serpent Mound State Memorial.  Because the famous ancient earthwork lies inside the crater, the area was Federally-designated the Serpent Mound Crypto-explosion natural national landmark.

The meteor crater was given this special federal designation by the Department of the Interior because it is considered a "nationally significant natural area" and is only one of 23 such designations in the state of Ohio, and one of only 587 designations nationally.

Adams County also has additional Natural National Landmark area:  Buzzardroost Rock-Lynx Prairie and The Wilderness.  Another nearby Natural National Landmark located just north of the crater is the Fort Hill State Memorial designated such in December 1974.

The meteor crater was originally given the title of "crypto-explosion" because geologists originally did not know what the origin of the strange geologic feature was.  But, in 2005, an international team of geologists and geophysicists, announced the findings of conclusive evidence from the meteor impact.  The researchers revealed that, after analyzing dozens of core samples that were collected throughout the crater area, there was a layer of iridium crystals at approximately 1,412 ft below the ground which formed as a result of the tremendous heat generated in the meteor's impact.  They also found microscopic cracks in quartz similar to what has been found at nuclear bomb explosion sites, as well as find "shatter cones" - rock fragments left after the explosive impact occurred.

You can see some of these "shatter cones" fragments on display at the House of Phacops rock and fossil shop located at the intersection of SR 41 and SR 73 just outside the crater.  The best place to view the crater (from the inside) is at Serpent Mound State Memorial, where if you look to the south from the parking lot - the ridge you see in the distance is the rim of the crater itself.  There are displays about the crater at the museum there.  You can also see some evidence of the force of the impact if you drive north from SR 73 on ELMVILLE ROAD, as you are coming to Cedar Trails nudist Retreat, just before you reach the Brush Creek Bridge, look to your right in the farm field-the 10-15 foot ledge running east/west is a significant geologic fault that was created by the impact.

Much of the area for viewing the crater is on private land such as: Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat which has hiking trails to take you to the rim of the crater.  The north/west side of the Cedar Trails Property sits right on the ridge and is visible for viewing. There is also a lookout point that allows view of the other side of the rim in a distance.

Maybe the Mound Builders put their effigy there, moved simply by its beauty.  It is pretty enough after all. It is well worth coming to see.


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