Frequently Asked Questions

Why go nude?

Driving through front gate and getting undressed means no longer being trapped or confined anymore.  When the air touches the body it is like getting a big free welcome from nature.  Nothing else is like it.

Will I have to be nude immediately and stay nude all the time?

At Cedar Trails, we are very good at helping new nudists, and we will give you plenty of time to adjust.  The wholesome friendly atmosphere at our resort results in most visitors being nude sooner than later.    You do not have to check clothes at the office .  However nudity is the norm when practicable and clothed only when necessary. You must be nude in the pool area. Women may wear bottoms during their cycle.

Do I need to be a member to observe or participate in activities?

Not at all.  Although we love to have new members join our community, we also welcome our visitors to enjoy all of the activities and amenities that we have to offer.

What about taking pictures?

The use of  cell phone photography is prohibited in all common areas.  All phone calls must be left at your car, campsite, or at the office. No electronics in the pool area for the privacy and safety of all our guest.

What type of people visit Nudist Resorts?

People of all shapes, sizes, occupations, ethnic groups, religions visit Nudist Resorts.  Nudists are accepting of people of all shapes, sizes, or body conditions.  Children are always welcome at Cedar Trails and are an integral part of the nudist environment. Social class distinctions, often shone by clothes, disappear in a nudist environment. Relaxation, stress relief, positive body image, and increasing self-esteem are just a few of the benefits of visiting nudist resorts. 

Is there anything special I need to bring to a Nudist Resort?

Absolutely bring a towel to sit & lay on.  Bring any food and drinks for the day as our café is only open on Saturdays 11 am - 1 pm (remember no glass containers).  Bring a lounge chair if you are able, we have a limited supply and they fill up quickly.  Sunscreen and bug spray are suggested. Hiking shoes or sandals if you are walking the trails.  Bring a good book or magazine as electronic devices are not allowed in public areas. Suggest having a small bag or backpack to put your keys & personal items in. Above all, bring your smile and have fun!

Do I need to bring my own lawn chair?

We recommend you bring your own chairs if possible, Cedar Trails has some poolside loungers, chairs and umbrellas.  

Is there food and drink available for purchase?  

The Bare Bottoms Cafe is under new management for 2022!   

Saturdays from 10:30 - 2 pm & Dinner 5-7pm

Sunday 10;30-12:30 

Grab & Go menu items will be available during the week, along with bagged ice, water, and soda available for cash purchase.  Bringing your own food and drink items are also encouraged.   Always Remember, no glass bottles or glass containers near the swimming pool or in public areas.

Are children going to be at the resort?

We are a family friendly resort and do have children that visit.

Do you allow swingers or have swinging? No, we are a family friendly retreat and do not allow any overt sexual displays of affection. Any sexual activities need to be behind closed doors.  


Are singles or a married individual without my spouse allowed to visit? Yes, we allow any nudist, whether it is an unmarried single or a single individual that is married and your spouse is not a nudist. Please remember this is not a pickup joint, most nudists come to relax, enjoy nature and be left alone unless you are invited into the conversation. 


What about gay visitors?  As stated above, we allow any adult that is a nudist to visit. Our policy is that there are no overt sexual displays of affection allowed, so there would be no distinction if a person were straight or gay. 


How old do I need to be? You must be 18 years old or older.  If under 18 you need to be accompanied by a parent. 


How many people will be around when I visit? And will there be someone I can talk to?  Impossible to answer how many visitors as it varies from day to day as we are very weather dependent.  Most nudists come to relax and be left alone unless you are invited into the conversation. You should be prepared to entertain yourself and remember that there are no electronic devises allowed in public areas of Cedar Trails. There are plenty of activities such as relaxing by pool, hiking the trails, playing corn hole, etc. 

Membership, I want to join?  We ask that you visit a few times before we talk about a membership, to make sure we meet your expectations as a nudist resort and so we can meet you.  One benefit of a membership is that you can access the resort year-round.  We do not require a membership; you can visit as many times as you wish during our summer season.  Currently, we have a waiting list for membership camp sites, so this alters how a membership looks. Again, it is best to discuss in person after you have visited.