ALCOHOL:  Please drink responsibly.  The owner has the right to determine if patrons have had an excessive amount of alcohol

BODY JEWELRY & TATTOOS:  Body jewelry with discretion.  Tattoos may not be sexually suggestive.  CT reserves the right to determine acceptability of body jewelry and tattoos. 

CELL PHONES:  The use of cell phones should be restricted to your campsite or at your car .  For 911 emergency phone calls, there is a phone located on the porch at the office.

CHILDREN & SAFETY: Parents are responsible for the actions of their children and for their safety.  When in the pool, children under the age of 12 MUST BE SUPERVISED by an adult at all times.  ALL Children must be accompanied by an adult when in the cafe area, while using the pool table and dart boards, and at all times after 10:00pm. Adults should NEVER approach or play with unfamiliar children.

CONDUCT: We seek to maintain a wholesome family atmosphere. Innocent expression of affection among family members and and friends is acceptable.  Overt sexual conduct should be refrained from.

FIREARMS:  Firearms with concealed carry permit only

GLASS CONTAINERS:  In order to provide a safe environment, glass containers should not be brought into pool and hot tub areas.

NO SOLICITATION:  Patrons should refrain from soliciting while at CT.

NUDITY:  Cedar Trails Resort is a nudist retreat, not clothing optional.  We assume you came here  with the desire to enjoy being nude (activity and weather permitting).  For females, it may be appropriate to wear shorts and swimwear bottoms at times.

PETS:  Pets must be kept on a leash at ALL times.  Leashes must be no longer than ten feet long.  Pets are not allowed in public areas such as the pool and hot tub area, cafe and shelter house, and bath house.  Please refrain dogs from excessive barking.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Permission to photograph on the grounds must be obtained from the CT management staff.  Please keep in mind that photography is a very sensitive area among nudists and extra caution is needed.  Photography with cell phones or other devices is prohibited and items will be confiscated.*

QUIET TIME:  Quiet time hours is from midnight to 8:00am.  The clubhouse is open for late night, quiet activity.

SMOKING:  We attempt to accommodate both non-smokers and smokers.  No smoking in the bath house, swimming pool, hot tub, and clubhouse.  Smoking is permitted in the grass of the pool area closest to the roadway.  Please dispose of cigarette butts in ash cans at the pool area, and in ash trays at the pavilion/cafe area.  NO smoking on the hiking trails due to the risk of forest fires.

TOWELS:  Please use a towel to sit on at all times 

Management reserves the right to refuse admission or revoke membership without refund due to non-compliance of the above rules.  Cedar Trails reserves the right to change or alter policies at any time.

*  State and local laws provide strong civil and criminal penalties for the unauthorized clandestine photography and/or publication of nude persons in areas and under circumstances where they would reasonably expect privacy.  Cedar Trails is such an area.  It is our policy to report suspected violations of law to local law enforcement.